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printed tensioner for hand & Arm POC

trying to solve the tensioner problem for e-nable hands and arms.

This is designed for 0.5mm Spectra 70LB fishing wire

Printed in PLA so far at 0.15mm layer heights and on the cold end for the filament.

The idea is that you tie a knot in the cable and slot onto the cog/winder. Cut off the spare. 

Slide in the cog keep slider so that the back is against the back curve of the block.

Slot in the cog/winder and the cable through the slot to freely wind the cable as much as you want (I do this by hand/small screw driver)

Push forward the slider to have the tooth in a slot on the clog and you should hear a 'click' as it grips.

I have made it tight - it does work with some force, but loosens over time and depending on how squished your first layer was.

Feedback welcome - am about to assemble onto a hand and test in the 'wild'.

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