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OpenROV Tether Float

A 3D printable tether float for your OpenROV.

Heavy tethers can drag down your robot, limit your maneuverability, and snag on the bottom. Lift your tether up and out of the way with a set of tether floats.

I recommend you print the smaller version 2 floats. They have a lower profile, are a bit more streamlined, and print consistently on even the cheapest 3D printers. Use 20% infill, 0.3mm bottom layer, 4 rectilinear fill layers on the bottom, 5 rectilinear fill layers on top.

The larger floats had problems printing consistently watertight on consumer 3D printers. I went back and redesigned them to bit a lot more streamlined, with a lower profile.

For the large floats, print one-by-one or in batches of 16. 1 float per 5.5 meters of tether in freshwater (5.7 meters in standard seawater) will make your tether neutrally buoyant.

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