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Kitchenaid <-> Pasta Roller coupling

I love my Atlas pasta maker, but it really takes three hands to make it work -- one to feed sheets of pasta in, one to guide sheets out, and one to crank. There are mounting holes on the side of the pasta maker to attach a motor, but rather than buy a separate part, I figured I'd use my KitchenAid mixer.

(KitchenAid does sell a pasta maker attachment, but I already owned the hand-cranked version, so spending $200 seemed unnecessary.)

There are two parts to print: the sleeve and the shaft. I printed the sleeve with 25% infill, and that seems just fine. I printed the shaft with 50% infill, and will report back on how that holds up. Ultimately, it may need to be more like 100%, or even made of metal.

After printing the two parts, add screws to the sleeve (you may want to/have to drill out the holes to make it easier). Then attach the sleeve to your pasta maker, insert the shaft, and attach the whole thing to the mixer. Use the screw on the side of the mixer to hold the coupling in place. The coupler also works with the pasta cutters (for fettuccine and spaghetti), as they have the same motor mounts.

If you're working with longer sheets of pasta, it's helpful to remove the base of the pasta machine (so the sheets can hang down further without hitting anything). Happily, there are just four screws that hold the base on, and they're easily removed. (They're equally easy to replace, to return the pasta maker back to regular use.)

You can see a video of this in action here:

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