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Keep on truckin'

I included an extra version of the "island" without the holes so you can choose where you want to place the accesories. There is also an alternative version of the lights for when you have trouble printing them in one piece.

Everything can be printed without supports. You won't need any glue for assembly. I made (little) pins to connect everything on the "island" The shortest pins are those for the "road". The two lights just slide in, they have no pins. When connecting the wheels and axles, first connect the wheels to the axles, then to the car body. The shortest axle is the one for the rear. The axle assembly isn't in the video. This was a last minute change to make it completely support and glue free.

I have printed everything at 100 microns. except for the model of the road and the island. Those I printed at 270microns, just to speed it up. You can print the island without infill.

This is one of many scenes I'm working on. I wanted to share this with all of you to give me an idea what I could do better/different with the other ones.

Feel free to tell me what you think and if your interested check out my instagram page. Its full of 3D printed stuff !

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