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Thin components for Raaco storage

Resistors, diodes and other thin components don't really fit in any standard compartment, so here's my solution - a 2x1 box that has more compartments!

I'll add some more versions (and better images) of this later as I fill up my cases and see what my need will be, but you can always grab the Rhino .3dm file and modify it yourself :)
Update: turns out 3 compartments only work well for those that have 10-20% tolerance resistor kits. I have some 5% as well, so I made some 4 compartment variations as well. I've also added a HTML file that has tables for the most common resistor values. I've used these to print out labels.
The boxes in the sample images are printed with @Colorfabb XT material. Transparent, strong and easy to work with.

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