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Cable chain

UPDATE 09-02: Thanks to the suggestions of Thorn, I have updated the model to v1.2. I have changed back one of the two main changes in v1.1 and added slits to the female tabs, mating the links should not be a problem anymore. Photo renders are not updated yet, still renders of v1.0.

UPDATE 07-02: Thanks to the suggestions, I have update the model from v1.0 to v1.1. Photo renders are not updated yet.

This cable chain is different from other cable chains on YouMagine and Thingiverse, because it uses a slightly different connection method. With this connection type, no corners stick out when the cable chain is bent and the individual links are turned with respect to each other.

This cable chain is meant to be used in a 3d printer like a Prusa. At the moment I do not have a 3d printer, the P3steel kit I ordered should be delivered next week, therefor I am not yet able to design cable chain ends for assembling on the printer. I hope to have these designs ready in a few weeks.

I also have not been able to test this design. According to my calculations, everything should fit very nice, not too tight and not too loose, but just a close fit which rotates perfectly. If you do have a 3d printer up and running, you can help me by test printing a few links and sharing your results.

Dimensions v1.2:

axis-to-axis length: 20mm
outer height: 12mm
inner height: 8mm
outer width: 20mm
inner width: 12mm
outer fillets: 0.4mm (v1.0: 0.5mm)
inner fillets: 1.6mm (v1.0: 2mm)
slits: 10mm (v1.1: none; v1.0: none)
shorter studs: none (v1.1: 0.8mm)
overall clearance: 0.4mm (v1.0: 0.25mm)

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