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DW660 2.5" dust shoe

This dust shoe allows vertical attachment of a 2.5" diameter tube for low resistance suction. It should be printed with support both inside and out at least 30% infill.

I used the 'grid' support option in Cura at 0.2mm, this made the support quite easy to detach.

After printing insert 3x magnets into the shoe part, and 3x magnets into the skirt. Ensure you get polarity correct! You can then insert the magnet hole shims to cover the magnets. You can optionally glue these shims into place though I found this unnecessary as they are a tight fit.

To assemble the skirt, you can print either the outer skirt spring or the ordinary spring depending on the diameter skirt you prefer. I use the outer spring. Simply cut foam to fit around the diameter (inner or outer) then hold it in place with the spring part. See photos for details. You can optionally use a large cable tie around the outer spring for extra security.

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