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Cura Plugin - Swap At Z

*****Please note that this plugin is for the older Cura versions (14.07 to 15) and doesn't work with the Cura 2 and Cura 3 versions.

Swap At Z is a plugin for Cura that let you mix 2 gcode with different parameters together.

All parameters can be changed between the two gcode like infill, layer height, speed, combing or spiralize.

Different objects can also be used but make sure you validate the gcode result prior to printing to avoid waste of time :)



Save the file in your Cura plugin directory (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_<version>\plugins).

SwapAtZ started in Cura 14.07 version. Older versions have not been tested.


How to use:

- First you need to prepare a gcode in Cura without using the plugin with a set of parameters and save the gcode file. This is the gcode that will be used in the plugin.

- Now you can change the needed parameters.

- Add the plugin

- Set the path to the previously saved gcode. The path need to be complete and must contain the path, filename and extension (ex: C:\Users\Pierre-Marc\Documents\Prints\test.gcode)

- Set the height at which you desire to start the swap. Height is in mm. This is where the swap between the current slice and the one part of the specified gcode will occur. You can leave this value at 0 if you which to replace the beginning of the slice

- Optionally include the swap end height if you which to return to the current slice. Swap end value must be higher then swap start value.



When mixing 2 gcode its always important to validate before printing. To validate the result of swapAtZ you can view it in Layer View. Its important to check the layers at which the swap occur and the following one to make sure no issue occurred. If you have changed the layer height you will see issues in the layer view of the current object.

To see the REAL result of the mix you can save the gcode and open it in Cura. This way the layer view will load every layer and display properly even with layer height changes.


Version 1.1: Initial version released on Youmagine

Version 1.2: Support for Spiralize and other modes where no G0 codes are present at the begining of the layer.

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