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Ultimaker 2 Platform mount for GoPro

Simple mount for GoPro Housing to film time lapse footage. Allows for install anywhere along the front of the lower platform. I'm using a minimal 3d printed Gopro frame so the whole assembly stays light weight.  Prints in a single piece, has no clearance issues with bottom of ultimaker2 front frame or any potential for camera contact (provided you installed it right!!)

"Raise platform" in settings to install on bottom platform, (not the heated bed!!!) Needs to be pushed on all the way onto the platform so everything clears correctly, make sure recess on bottom of mount lines up with the front panel on the ultimaker 2 so when the bed lowers, you don't have any terrible noises or broken bits.

Please test the full motion before putting your GoPro in there so you have a reference.

I'm not an engineer, please don't set your house on fire.

Designed in tinkercad, STL repaired in netfabb.

Printed at .1 layer height, .08 shell, 20% infill, 25% support everywhere.

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