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E1x 3D Printer

If you have questions I can be found in #reprap, username is tjb1.

Current bill of material -

Files have been updated and all STLs rotated to correct printing orientation.

Z Top Compact is the latest and should free up about 20mm Z height. I have left Z Top Left & Right as I have not yet tested the compact version.

Non Slip Pad should be printed from something like NinjaFlex otherwise you can just stick a rubber pad on the bottom of the printer supports.

X Motor Carriage has been updated to have a trigger bolt (M4 hex head) for the Z endstop. The X Carriage has a trigger to hit the endstop that can be mounted to the motor carriage. This design is compatible with all 45mm spacing carriages but you will need to come up with your own endstop solution then.

Directions to come soon.

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