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FSR Sensor Platform with adjustment

Delta Printr Owners...

Auto leveling is cool.... when it works.  When it doesn't, it can be frustrating. I tried several things to help make auto leveling consistent but would only have about a 20% chance that the bed would be properly sensed. I noticed when the "bed" temperature was below 70C I was able to auto level. Anything higher and it was no good.  I figured the problem was that one or more of my sensors was more sensitive than usual.  So I came up with a way to un-weight each sensor.

One of the best thing to have to get a 3D printer working is another 3D printer. I came up with a FSR platform that had an extra hole for an M5 screw. I used some foam weather stripping between the screw and the platform to take some of the weight off the FSR sensor. It works pretty good.

It took some fiddling to tell which one to adjust. I did this by carefully lifting the bed near each FSR and seeing how the bed temperature changed.  I adjusted the M5 screws until I have a bed temperature around 60C.

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