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Silencer for Ultimaker (Original) Extruder

Tried a lot of different approaches but the noise wouldn't really go away. This model is designed to be used with 4 HDD silencers (had them lying around for nearly a decade :) and 8 standard 3mm screws (pretty short though).
I just measured the noise with "dB Meter" for iPhone at a distance of ~30-40cm. Before: 69 - 71 dB, after: 59 - 61 dB. I don't really know if the app is calibrated correctly because i just downloaded it to give you these values but i can tell you that i'm pretty happy with this design. The noise-volume drops a lot.
Time will tell how durable the construction is. The top silencers could soften a bit... but we'll see if that ever happens.
Printed with 100% fill.

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