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Python Utility Hand. For Printed Accessory Mounts

This is my first design attempt at a utility, alternative, prosthetic device.

Built in Tinkercad.

I used the common picatinny rail concept, to make a mountable, "swiss army" type device.

I figure, with standard prosthetic hands, sometimes fingers can get in the way.
Or, If you need to paint a house, or want to go camping etc.. no need to get your good hand all dirty, that kind of thing.

There has been a lot of talk about holding specific trade items, a chef's knife, a paint brush, a guitar pick,  etc... Or items for kids, like toothbrush/spoon holder, marker/pencil, Playing card holder, Nerf gun, Violin bow...

There are countless ideas for attachments

The Flat area on top of the wrist, Is for either sticky back magnet strips, or Velcro, depending on the need. More lego dots could go there as well.

Any dedicated item can be attached by printing a fitted rail bracket to match.

I have added a few to start;

-Card Holder

-Cup Holder

-Lego rail

-even a slingshot ;)

I would love to see what others will come up with too!

I included blank palms and rail/mount parts, so others can add those to other attachments.

It's recommended to scale a blank palm to size first, before adding the rails in a program like Tinkercad. Best if rails, and mounts stay at 100%, or at least be sure to scale the attachments accordingly.

This started out as files from both the e-Nable Raptor palm, and the Flexy hand 2 wrist.


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