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Ultimaker2 Cable Chain

I guess this is more a solution waiting for a problem type of project but you have to admit it looks nice. I needed 12 segments plus the end pieces to complete my chain. I don't know about the variance of cable length so YMMV of course.

Assemble the complete chain before mounting it in the machine. The tolerances aren't super tight but I made the pieces quite rigid to keep them from flexing too much. Once the chain is mounted it starts getting tricky adding pieces due to lack of space.

The angled piece replaces the original little black clip that secures the cable to the bed, just unscrew it and replace with this thing.

To secure the bottom end piece I used double sided tape since I didn't want to drill any holes in the machine. Make sure you angle it correctly so that the chain doesn't curve under the bed. I suggest that you manually move the bed up and down a few times to make sure everything clears before letting the machine do its thing on its own (don't ask me how I know, let's just say this wasn't the first design...).

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