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Eiffel Tower Spool Holder - i3v

I printed in PLA using 20% infill and 0.2 layer height. Around 70 mm/s print speed.

This spool holder is designed to utilize the holes and nuts that secure the frame to the back triangles, which creates a very secure and stable spool holder. In order to do this, four M3x25mm screws are needed. Using M3 washers is recommended but not necessary. The M3x16 screws that were previously used are now utilized as the method for attaching the Eiffel Tower portion to the base component. It is designed for a 5/16" rod.

I chose to design the spool holder in two parts because it allows for everything to be printed on an 8" bed at the same time. It also allows for different colors of the base and tower components. In addition, I plan on creating more buildings that can use the same base. 

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