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Project Cuba: Modelling my souvenir for 3dprinting.

Update #2

It has been a long time since I gave an update on the progress of making the model and 3Dprinting.
Right at the beginning I made a big mistake, so the car would have awful proportions, but that is fixed and everything is going very well.

Printing and designing are almost done. I have to design some details like headlights and bumpers (not sure if bumpers are details). And printing is close to complete, there is only one part that is designed but that isn’t printed.

All the designs that are finished and test printed will be up for downloading and there will be some new pictures. So now you will be able to start printing for yourselves.

Take care!

Update #1:

I finished the first part of the car. I put the .stl under documents, so if you want you can download it and start printing your car.

Have fun!

I want to share the designing proses with you, that’s why I put it on Youmagine before the model is finished. If you want to know how it started, take a look at the video below.
Let me know what you think about the design and the project. I would be happy to share all my drawings and files, just tell me what you want to know.

Take a look at my blog about the project:

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