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Dual Printhead

Wanted to make myself a more solid, sturdy and stable base for my second extruder. Adjusting the one from the kit, (In my case) loosened up the entire printhead. While printing pressure in the hotend moved the nozzle down.

Had to fit in a standard UM1, but be careful when 1st time testing, 1001 tensioners and fanducts around.

Check the pictures to see how it works and swivels. Would be a lot better if the 1st nozzle did not move at all, while adjusting the 2nd one, but that's for the next design if someone has a mill around for a new alu part.

Adjusting the 2nd nozzle's height changes the X,y offset a little as well. So first level the nozzle's, check/set the x,y offset. After lifting and lowering the second nozzle, for single use, level the nozzle height's again and the offset will return to the normal value.  In single use adjusting the 2nd nozzle 0.5mm up, keeps it clear from the print.


-My first attempt was printing it in standard PLA. No go, melts..

-2nd try ABS, could work, but without a heated bed and chamber No Go.., starts delaminating higher up in the print.

-3rd PLA90, works!!! but a in my opinion to flexible.

-4th running for 2 weeks now, and holding, is a combination of PLA90 for the hot part and standard PLA for the colder upper part. But you have to get your dual setup going before you can print it ;(.   

Euhmm...what else..

Used the cone's and knurled nuts from other design's. For easier adjustment I made some rings to fit over standard M3 nuts.

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