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Drop Spindle Whorl

I made this for my wife, who wants to try her hand at spinning her own yarn. I started from directions online on making a drop spindle from a dowel, a cup hook, a grommet, and two CDs, and just replaced the grommet and CDs with my own printed whorl. This brings the benefit of controlling the shape, size, and weight (through varying fill percent), as well as making one or more notches to catch the yarn.

- Cut a 7 to 14 inch (18 - 35cm) section from a dowel of your preferred diameter. I used 10 inches of 3/8 inch (9.5mm) dowel.
- Sand the dowel smooth and slightly taper one end.
- Optional: Insert a small cup hook screw into the untapered end.
- Print a whorl with your preferences for size and weight. You may want to do a short print to verify that you have the correct spindle diameter.
- Slide the whorl onto the spindle.
- Find instructions for using a drop spindle on youtube, and enjoy.

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