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Kossel 2020 V-Slot Top Spool Filiment Holder REMIX via RTP

Work in progress, and testing well. Design to work with Open Builds V-Slot Rails 2020. The brackets can just be printed if you would like to use it with the other two designs by T0bs and ChrisParish. The Bracket were design to extend the size for a Kossel with up to 360mm horizontal rails. The plate was redesign to house a 608 bearing, float type system. The Emett's type bearing used in the ChrisParish version was not working out for me so I came up with uses of the 608. Works as smooth as T0bs design. Special Thanks to the original designers mentioned.

Revised: 2/24/2015
- Added Non Threaded Spool Shaft.
- Added 52mm Spool Adapter. Requires original 32mm Spool Shaft, non threaded.

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