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Poohdda (Winnie the Pooh Buddha)

original files

I like the idea of adding a message to the base, I used this quote from the book "A clever mind is not a heart." and this is on the file called "poohdda+heart-mind saying.stl"
adding text was not too bad using blender to extrude the text and to make the text a hole and put it on the base.

the picts are of this printed on ultimaker, 0.4mm nozzel, in PLA, 0.2mm layer hieght, and 0.8mm walls. I got some gaps especially on pooh's head..which seems to be the most troubling spot, SO I have also uploaded my pooh-crown-4-testing.stl file. make sure you have your settings so this part comes out good before you print the whole thing.
next time i will go with 0.1mm layer height and 1.2mm walls, also see pic.

also to help educate your friends and
family, best I have found under 2 minute slightly amusing, simple &
straight forward explanation of home 3D printing, (made by and for

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