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Digibirds tree

I have designed this large tree to mount our digibirds. The tree is printed in several parts and can put together resulting in a 40x40x40 cm object. The only drawback: you need 7 digibirds ;)

The design was made using Fusion 360 and printed on an Ultimaker O+.


Printing suggestions:

- I used colorfabb PLA chocolate brown for the branches and (naturally) leaf green for the leafs.

- The root and supports were printed at 100 mm/s (210 degrees) without support or brim. The large branches I printed using a brim to keep them standing up during printing. The whole tree can be joined mechanically.

- For the leafs I used a brim & supports in order to be able to print them (at 50 mm/s, 190 degrees). They come at several sizes and can be mechanically joined with the knot. However, for the smallest  leafs I finally ended up glueing them together with the knot as the part became to flimsy.

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