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SciFi light sculpture

Lamp base was  printed in Colorfabb's Bronzefill

 Layer Height: .1mm
 Wall Thickness: 1.2mm
 Fill: 20%
 Speed: 50mm/s
 Print Time: 9 hours

 The top is Printed separately in Colorfabb XT Clear
 Layer Height: .3mm
Shell: .8mm  or you may want to try 1.2mm for a tight fit. 
Temp: 230c

 Wall Thickness: Spiralize the outer contour selected in Cura
 Speed: 25mm/s
 Print Time: 1.5 Hours


the lamp shade is a solid part and requires "Spiralize the outer contour" to be selected in Cura or other slicing software.  

Use a brim but be careful not to damage the bottom when removing it. 

 Lights: $13 Amazon

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