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UM2 Twist Lock Bowden Clip

This part is based on Jeroen van Zijp's "Bowden Locking Clamp Clip", with a few Improvements to make it fit better and ease its use. (

I printed the original and had trouble getting it to fit right, it was either too tight on the thumbscrew to get into place or too loose and worked its way out from the connector.

My Modifications:
I increased the hole size so that it moves freely on the thumbscrew, and shaved the material off the front. The print head now can move all the way to the front and right side without any collisions.
Because it is now free to rotate I added a small detent feature to retain the clip in place like the stock bowden clip, and refined the geometry so that it swings smoothly into place including a small ramp to get easily under the connector.
and finally I added a rib to the top so that you can grip and rotate the clip into place easily.

The clip is designed with a 2.5mm thickness, using Cura's built in "Cut off object bottom" option in the advanced tab you can generate any thickness that you need between 0 & 2.5mm. Example: 2.5mm is too thick for my machine, so I used 1.3mm for "Cut off object bottom" to print a resulting 1.2mm thick clip.  For a good starting point the stock clip measures .9mm thick.

I recommend printing @ .1mm layer height (or smaller) to get the shallow ramped features to print well & 100% infill.  Printing with thicker layers should work fine but the ramp will most likely not work as well.  Works well printed in PLA, and ABS

Rev 2 Edit: Tweaked the snap geometry slightly and confirmed that design works in ABS

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