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The Gamester

This is a controller for the Oneplus smartphone. It requires no additional parts or accessories to be used. Simply Print insert your smartphone and your off and gaming. The Controller features a sound hole for crisp clear audio, and even rumbles slightly from the sound for a more immersive experience. This controller also fits many similarly sized smartphones, such as my Sony Xperia Z3. The model shown in the pictures was a rough draft to test size and print-ability. A higher resolution model representing the cura profile linked to this design is being printed tonight 3-5-2015. I will post pics once its up. I also am working on a file with support material built in, to ease print-ability for newer makers. This is a long print! It is SOOOOO worth it though. I played a racing game and marvel champions with it.....SOOOO much fun. It also is a definite head turner, get ready to be asked "What kind of game device is that?" then pull out your Oneplus and really amaze people. Printed on a Ultimaker original, so there should be extra space on the ultimaker 2. Please favorite if you like the design :-)

Thanks....Open source Rules

UPDATE: I added a version with support.  I also added a version with a camera hole and headphone hole.  Now this unit could be used as a mobile steady cam for shooting video as well.

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