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Switch plates for kids room

This series of switch plates was intended for my kid's room but ended up replacing all switches at home. I ran out of PLA and printed a bunch with ABS, both look good.  My kid is just learning to speak but could name all of the shapes right!

In my experience the mounting bolts come out weak and will easily break off if the printer isn't calibrated just right. If the nozzle size, layer thickness and temperature are all set Ok in the slicer, they can be very strong though.

The holes in the metal plates are about 4mm wide and my bolts are only 3.5mm so they're minimally loose when printed with a 0.4mm nozzle but sit very firmly if printed with a 0.8mm nozzle (plus the printing is much faster).

Most 2D shapes are based on cliparts from around the web.  I'm sorry I can't credit the original authors here, I don't have the links.

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