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OP Power Bank Case (With Belt Clip)


When orienting the model for printing, make sure to flip it top-down, to prevent overhangs. Also, the units need to be in mm, in order to print the correct size.

 As most OnePlus One users know, the OnePlus Power Bank is "Coming Soon." Also, we know that the Power Bank is going to feature the Sandstone Black or Silk White texture on the casing...

-So... Why Not Preserve It?

 This 1mm thick case features a drop-in latching design, with an added belt clip, for hanging from your belt (or pocket), or even wrapping the included charging cable around the Power Bank.

Don't need the Belt Clip? Then download the other STL, which contains the case sans the clip.

The case also has the necessary windows for both the charging lights, and of course, the "one" and only 1+ logo.

If you need to take out the Power Bank from the case, simply push the latch back, and push the Power Bank using the hole in the bottom of the case (use something with a diameter smaller than 3mm).

I believe many people, along with myself, would want to protect their Power Bank as much as possible.

-Improvement can be made: I am open to constructive criticism!

-I will post the .ipt file when the contest comes to a close.

-There is no logo on the print, but the hole on the front allows for the viewing of the "1+."  

- If you want a hexagon around the "1+" logo (For all you Cyanogen Mod guys...), leave a favorite, and a comment! :)

If you like the case, go ahead and smack that FAVORITE button! ;D

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