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OnePlus VR HeadSet

OnePlus VR HeadSet

When I first saw the Google Cardboard, I bought my carton box immediately.
I really like the technology and wanted to go a bit futher.  Offcourse you need some extra things to get a complete working sample of this VR Headset. But I think that adding new materials, and items like magnets or lenses you get a more complete product.

Some Remarks:
- There are 3 bridges on part  (OnePlusCase_Body_4.stl) - Ive covered them with custom support pieces. These needs to be cut away after printing.

- I printed this piece in white. This is not the best color for the best result.
We prefer to use black, or dark grey.

Feel free to ask some question on how to print.
Also feedback is very important to me. So don't hesitate.

Thanks to Mikail Asir: For getting me in touch with Google Cardbord and this contest
Thanks to Studio Kubuz, for 3d printing the design. 

I hope you like it.

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