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Shamrock glasses - Saint Patrick's Day

Do you want unique glasses for Saint Patrick's Day ?!

After the success of '2015 Glasses' Marc, our designer, designed the Saint Patrick's Day glasses just for you ! Impress your friends with your 3D printed shamrock glasses tomorrow !

Don't hesitate anymore, print them now !

Fit to most men's head, just scale down at 80/90% for women.

Please, like or comment if you feel so !

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all :)

Instructions :

Those ones where printed in PLA with 150µ layer height, speed 60mm/s. It would take 5 to 7 hours to print, and around 60 grams.

Do not put the extruder too close from the bed, it could impact the good working of the hinge.

You scale scale up/down the STL file.

Your email is used to contact you if we need more information.

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