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Printrbot Filament Holder


1. If you have a printer with a larger print area, you can download the Hatchbox Filament Mount STL file. If not (such as the Printrbot Simple Metal), download the Center and Arms files.

2. Download the Filler STL file regardless (it keeps it from flipping over off of the metal hook).

3. If you downloaded the Arms STL file, split it into parts in Cura and print each one. Print anything else you downloaded above.

4. If you downloaded the parts separately, sand the connectors and put them together. Otherwise, skip this step.

5. Put the unit onto the Printrbot hook, with the arm that has a hole in it towards your extruder.

6. Lift it up a bit and insert the Filler on top of the metal hook and below the top of the print.

7. Place the spool on top, feeding the filament through the hole.


I have also included the IPT files from Autodesk Inventor if you want to improve this.

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