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KP000 Pillow Block Bearing for 10mm Shaft

I found the FK KP000 to be a handy part to have in designing a 3D printer mechanism, so I made a CAD file of it. Available as STL for 3D previews here, in AD_PRT (Geomagic Design) and STEP.

It's a pillowblock with a bearing inside, and what makes it interesting to me is that it includes two set screws to hold the shaft.

It's meant to be a mechanical stand-in for designing a machine, the mount faces, hole locations, hole sizes and bores are very accurate. I did work it into a
reasonably faithful looking model, though it's not a perfectly faithful
design, it's only erroneous in relatively minor ways, unimportant to including it in a mechanism assembly in CAD.

A design stand-in for this part.

These (or more likely, clones of these) are available cheaply on Aliexpress (Alibaba), eBay and Amazon.

I previously had this mislabelled as PK000.

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