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OnePlus One Magnifier and Light Stand

I have always thought it would be cool to use a smartphone as a loupe, or digital magnifying lens. This is the result.


-Use the rear camera to film a DIY project to share with friends, post online, keep for future reference, etc.... Hands free! 

-Take advantage of the zoom feature to use the large screen as a magnifier, and get a closer look at what you are doing.

-Turn on the rear LED to use your phone as a desk lamp.

-Angle the phone up to use the stand as a tripod to film your face, video chat, or take a picture.


-Slot in the bracket to accommodate charging while using the stand.

-Three adjustable joints to allow for easy positioning of the phone.

-Folds down small for easy storage.

-Comes off the printer essentially ready to use, although you may wish to use superglue to fix the caps on the legs in place.

-Need it longer? Just print more bolts and arm segments, add and remove as needed.

Edit: I've added a new zip file with the fixed STL files (they were scaled wrong), and added STL and G-Code files for the whole project, assembled and arranged to fit on an Ultimaker 2.

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