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Sphinx Fan shroud for Bulldog XL extruder

My Bulldog XL is mounted as direct drive and it works great but my lack of cooling was really screwing up my ability to bridge gaps and work on small areas without melting the layers underneath. It sucked. The fan I mounted was blocked by the print head and anything behind it would still be too soft by the next layer. I built this shroud to split the air and funnel it behind the print head. It has internal baffles and geometry to make the air angle down under the head to cool the plastic without cooling the nozzle. It also diverts part of the air that would come right out the front to the back for more even airflow. Prints in one part with no support or gaps to bridge, a very easy print. Holes are undersized so you can drill them out to a size your hardware will thread into. No nuts needed if you do it right. Light weight, nice clearance and it kinda looks like the Sphinx, so that's cool. Mounting plate for the Bulldog is included. You will have to offset it because the Bulldog feeds slightly to one side. Or redesign the mount as you see fit. 32mm on center 2mm holes.

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