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OnePlus Winter-Time Phone Case

Winter can be awful. One of the worst things about it is when you have to remove your gloves in the freezing cold to use your smart phone, as your gloves are not conductive. However there's a solution. Instead of trying to ruin all your pairs of gloves in order to make them conductive, why not make a phone case with a mobile, conductive tip so that you can use your phone with your gloves on?

This is the first phone case of its kind that can do exactly that. This case is designed to give a suspended, conductive pad free movement, that can be pressed down anywhere on your phone's screen. 

The case is reversible. If the user wishes to use their phone without the conductive pad on the screen, the phone can be taken out and put in the case backwards to allow access to the screen using just fingers. It has been designed to give the user access to the phone's buttons, screen, cameras, and speakers whether you put the phone facing the front or back.

The pad is made by putting the stylus tip on the "Pad 2" piece, and then wedging the stylus/piece in "Pad 1". Once the tip is fitted into the pad, take the elastic cord and tie it to the top slit in the knob of the case. Feed it through one side of the pad and the tie it to the bottom knob slit on that same side. Make sure it's tight but stretchy. Repeat for other side. Do this a few times for each side until pad is firmly suspended.

This phone case is specially designed for the OnePlus phone. 

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