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OnePlus One Holder for pants

Ever wanted to take your OnePlus One to work, school or on a trip, but faced the issue, that this huge piece of technology simply won't fit in one of your pockets.

Well, you could either put it in a bag, or put it in your pockets anyways with it showing half out. Both of these options aren't the best so here is the solution:

This fancy and fashionable holder can easily be applied to pants, pockets or anything of that kind and protects your precious One perfectly. With the color choice and the cutout logo, everyone can immediately detect your great sense of style and technology. The cutouts are placed for you to be able to reach volume rockers or the lock button even when your phone is inside of the holder. The bottom cutout even allows it to be charged (e.g. by a portable powerbank).

This allows you to be as mobile as possible without worrying where to put your phone.

Model is created in Siemens NX and available in the following formats:

- .prt, .stp, .igs, .dxf, .stl (no idea if this works :o)

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