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Filament color samples

This model is made out of both a printed part and the raw filament, that has been bend around a 3D printed guide to give it the right shape.

I printed these out with 0.2 mm layers and I think it was something like 80% infill. They aren't that big, and it gives a nice feel to them that they have a bit of weight.

It's a bit tricky to bend the filament, when the corner radius is so small. What I did was to gently heat up the middle part of a small piece of filament (~15 cm) with a lighter and without pulling or pressing the filament, wrapped it around the guide. I did the curved part first and then heated up the parts that was gonna be straight before pressing those into the guide.

To make sure they where all the same size, I clipped the filament ends flush with the end of the guide.

The guide for the color samples is designed to be part of the "ring" that holds all the samples together, since you will likely need that again and again as you get more colors, where the guide to bend the center ring will only be used once.

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