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Christmas light Robot

This is an ulti-bot that you can print. With the file attached you can make an autoprint (if you run it in windows). It is designed so you can shove it over a Christmas light in your tree. It has a 10mm hole, so scale it accordingly until it fits over the lights you have in your tree! 

Note: The autoprint works for the Ultimaker Original only at this point.

-Unzip the folder.
-Open the script.
-Enter the amount of robots you want to print.
-Autoprint is being generated.
-Copy and paste the file on your SD card.
-Use some 'used/old' tape, or wear it down with a bit of sandpaper, you don't want the robot to stick too well to your tape, or your printhead won't be able to push it off.-Start autoprint. 

Let the light shine in your house :)

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