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4-way 3/4" PVC Connector

This is a good 4-way PVC connector for building projects that use PVC piping. It's very useful in that a PVC connector with this shape is near impossible to find in any hardware store; due mostly to that fact there is really no practical sense to use this shaped connector in plumbing - which is, after all, PVC's primary function... However, PVC also makes for a great and very inexpensive building material that provides great support when used structurally in prototypes and projects - so I saw a niche that needed filling in the world of PVC connecting and decided to make this... It can be scaled to and universally fits any sized PVC and/or other piping that has a hollow circular hole in the center. I utilized a hexagonal shape that provides a flat, solid stick to the building platform so that the print can easily and effectively be made in one piece, without fear of warping... A polygonal shape also provides better fastening to the pipe than a circular shape would due to air displacement and the difficulty of scaling a perfect fit. It may intuitively seem simple to create two circular objects that, when put together, form a tight fight - however - in practice - it's actually a very difficult task to accomplish... If you think you have a good idea for improvement Feel free to make it better or more efficient. But please make sure to upload your improvements so I can see them - I always appreciate a good improvement... This piece is a great tool to use in the making of so many things with PVC - So keep on making!!!

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