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PLActron vase delta

update 20171019: new model uploaded (V3) with corrected scaling (200mm)

the design of this vase is based upon a custom made guitar pick/plectron (PLActron - the customizable & biodegradeable guitpick), which is rotated 240 degrees around the z-axis an extruded along a sine in z.

this model is scaled to be printed with 20cm height,
which should fit most printers and most flowers.

you can download not one, but 3 different versions of this vase.
while the smallest with 32 segments adds some interesting geometry, the 500seg is the way to go if you want a smooth shape,

if you can't decide take the 100seg-version

slicing suggestions for Cura 15.02.1

this model is quite easy to print, no overhangs and no detailed structures, you could print it in 0.3mm > Layers without much hesitation.

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