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Tablet case

A case designed for my daughter's Qware Pro 3 HD (7") tablet. We designed small animal add-ons, which can be attached to the top of the case. One token for each day of the week. And yes, I know, the tablet screen is broken ;(

I glued the case to the original leather sleeve.

The designed was made using Fusion360 and printed on my Ultimaker Original+. It was printed using PLA from colorfabb (fluorescent pink) with a very nice pink color. Settings:

* Case: 120 mm/s, 210 degrees, heated bed at 70 degrees. I had to tune bed dimension a little bit, as the case stretches to the outer limits of the Ultimaker.

* Add-ons: 50 mm/s, 190 degrees, heated bed at 70 degrees.

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