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Sega Single Motor Dual Extruder

# SegaSingleMotorDualExtruder

The is my dual extruder with only one extrusion step motor for 3d printing.

Now is a working prototype.

Most dual extruder needs two step motors for each hotend to do the job.

But i think it's way too heavy for an extruder.So I try just use one step motor to do the job.

The other problem with dual extruder is when one hotend is working, the second would cause ooze.

Ooze will make printing model caught a lot of unwanted results.

My solution is letting the second hotend to dock on a metal plate to block hot plastic drops from nozzel.

To do that first the second nozzel need to swing and raise above metal plate.

At the same time one filament need to be caught in between idler and extrusion gear teeth with enough pressure.

This project have to design a brand new extruder and different firmware to acomplish goals above.

PDF files contain 3d model, can be views by adobe acrobat reader.

Current firmware is derived from Marlin (

branch: SingleMotorDualExtruder

About model file names, I am not sure those names are right. If there are any suggestion, feel free to leave any comment.

Here are some videos of how it operates.

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