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Quickmount Reprapdiscount Smart Controller Case

This is a full enclosed case for the Reprapdiscount LCD smart controller. it was developed primarily for 90degree printers and contains mount holes matching the back plate of the Hadron ORD Bot printer.  But the mount plate can be drilled or add-on's created to adapt to other 3D printer installations. It is recommended that Hadron owners utilize the T-slot risers to raise the controller above the X-axis Z height limit.


The kit contains the following components:

- Case body

- Case back cover

- Emergency stop button

- Mount plate

- Lock kit with integrated lock mechanism for quick release

- Optional t-slot risers for adjustable height of the controller on t-slot & makeslide rails.


The OpenScad file has been provided to allow for customization of Screw fastener holes. It is not recommended to alter the design as it is very custom with many adjustments to fit the reprapdiscount controller board.


The mount/lock kit attaches directly to the printer, or use the Riser kit supplied to provide height adjustment. The lock is engaged by sliding the locking arm fully to the right or to the left side of the case.  

Be sure to print your favourite LCD Controller knob.  This project does not include the rotary encoder knob.


Print settings:

- Print in PLA

- Infill:  20%

- Shells: 2

- Layer height: 0.20 mm


Printing time:

- Top case: ~ 3 hours

- Back cover: ~ 2 hours

- Mount bracket:  ~ 1 hour

- Lock kit: ~ 24 minutes

- Emergency stop button: ~15 minutes

- Riser brackets: 2 x 29 minutes

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