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Miniature Ultimaker (1:6)

The model (both the print and some of the renders) as you can see are not in the right proportions. I fixed it in the download files.

(photo's of grey Ultimaker w/ teddy bear are by Ultimaker, as featured in Community contest: )

If you make one, please share the results!


The parts should fit together without having to glue them. You might need to file down some connections to make it fit (depending on the quality of your print).  

The top part is printed upside-down, the rest speaks for itself.  

It can be a bit of a challenge for your printer, so fiddle with your settings. There are some small wall thicknesses, a bit of overhang and a chance of warping. Nothing a well-tweaked Ultimaker can't handle though!  

The filament holes are 2mm. I couldn't find a suitable wire for that myself, but there are probably 2mm electricity wires that will fit. I used a green binding string, which works quite okay.

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