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Knobs and Covers

A few little items I used to set up my "Robets' Feeder"

I have changed the long screws holding the feeder to the stepper motor for M3 Studs, use either long screws with the head cut off or M3 Threaded Rod.

I then retain the stepper-motor to the case by holding it in place using M3 plain washers and M3 Nuts, the 1st item the 'Nut spacer 3mm' then slips over the nut and washer to become a 3mm spacer, this allows the feeder to be easily removed without any movement or loosening of the stepper motor, This item can just be seen behind the feeder as 4 small blue spacers.

The next item the 'Nut Cover Knurled'  (shown in Blue) is a simple knurled knob that retains the nut allowing you to finger tighten the nut holding the feeder in place therefor no tools then required.

the last item the 'Feeder Tension knob' (shown in Red) is to attach to a slightly longer screw than initially used to adjust the feeder tension on the spring for Robert's Feeder. A long Screw is inserted through the head and then a M3 Nut located into the Hexagonal pocket and then screwed tight clamping the Knob add a washer either end of the spring so not to wear the plastic when adjusting, this then allows simple adjustment of the tension screw by fingers without the need for tools. There are two version of this, either  Straight or Tapered depending on your preference. 

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