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ASUS XTION 3D scanner - Handle and Lens Cover

The XTION normally stands on a base for table-top use which is not aimed to be hand-held. This 3D printable file was designed to fit the ASUS XTION making 3D scanning much easier and the device more comfortable to use. It has the following features/advantages:
- Makes it easy to ergonomically hold and aim the 3D scanner- The lens cap protects the optics when the XTION is stowed away- The lens cap can be snapped to the back of the XTION while 3D scanning. This keeps it always together with the device so it is not lost- The XTION can stand upright on the flat base surface of the grip- The holes on the base make it easy to attach the device to a table top, wall, camera stand, etc- The grip has a dedicated pocket for the ferrite core of the USB cable, thus making the design slim.- The USB cable resides inside the grip and comes out on the back part of the base. This keeps it out of the way while 3D scanning and lets the XTION stand on flat surfaces.- The cable is held in place by inserting short pieces of 1.75 mm 3D print filament. No glue or screws required.- The four legs of the lens cover and flat base makes it easy to wrap the USB cable and keep it tidy when the XTION is stowed away.
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