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OpenRC Quadcopter (Beta)

This is a first go at a OpenRC Quadcopter.

Eventhough i have now abandoned this design i have put to much time in it not to release it so here it is.

My goals when starting was to create a different design than what we usually see for 3D printed quads and enclose all electronics in the design itself. The idea was an experiment to create parts from a strong material with thin walls and low infill to keep the weight down.

Everything is designed to fit the electronics from a DJI 450 Flamewheel.

As you may have noticed i call this a "Alpha" verion and that is becasue it´s simply not finished. While all parts do fit together there are things missing in the design.

Hopefully someone can get something out of this project, maybe use parts of the design or it can spark ideas for new projects.

Any ideas or thoughts on this project are best asked in the OpenRC Community on Google+ 

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