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Open your Heart, dualcolor

There is 1 file for a single colored box, and one file for each color of the dualcolored box.

The bottom and lid of this heartshaped box are connected with a filmhinge so you cannot loose the lid. It snaps shut with a little twist.
I made some slight changes to get an easier snap . They are in heartcontainer fdm filmhinge4.stl

This was printed in PLA on a prusa mendel. I am very curious how this will print on other types of 3dprinters so please let me know your results.
the size for printing is 164 x 147 x 33 mm
The closed box is 100 x 100 x 35mm
Sofar I have seen very nice result from makerbots even scale down to 0.6 the hinges work great.

for the single colored box I used Slic3r with concentric infill for bottom,
bottom layer 0,4mm
next layers 0,3mm On a Prusa 2 with 0.5mm nozzle

To get good filmhinges it will help if you have a concentric first layer infill, have a nicely printed first layer and carefully remove the print from the bed.

For the dual colored box I used Cura 13.12 with  a wipetower. The oozeshield didn´t work well with this design. first layer 0,25, other layers 0,15mm. Printed on a mowi printer with two 0,35mm nozzles.

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