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Pandemic is a beautiful game, but those pawns.. meh. Could be a lot better! No, wait, they are already better! These different designs make you to be able to tell the roles more apart, especially when playing with three different shades of green.

Brand new design from scratch in Creo 3.0, meant as a practise, since I switched from NX to Creo 2 months ago.

I also have a tiny request. I try to print the scientist pawns on different printers, you know, for science and stuff. I'd like to see quality differences on several printers, when they are doing their absolute best at such a tiny detailed object.
Soooo, I'd like to see your prints! Pictures are superwelcome and if there's a cheap way to get the model to me we'll figure it out and I'll pay for it. 

The models shown on the picture have been printed by an Ultimaker, the basic one, but then tweaked to infinity and beyond. 

Ps. Yes, that's a cat on the bottom of one of the pictures. Annoying prick.

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