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GoPro Hero 3 box

Box for a naked GoPro Hero 3 camera. The camera is put in the bottom part with lens down. This way there was room for 4 Micro SD storage slots. On top of the box the text "GoPro Hero3" is engraved.

It uses my jewelbox.scad ( and write.scad from HarlanDMii ( for complete set of fonts to go with write.scad).

Update: made the scad file more adaptable by adding global variables at the top of the file. The following variables are added (all values are in mm).
gpx: X dimension of GoPro Hero 3 camera.
gpy: Y dimension of GoPro Hero 3 camera.
gpz: Z dimension of GoPro Hero 3 camera.
gpl: height of lens above main camera body.
gpo: overlap between to and bottom parts.
gpw: width of the walls of the box. Keep in mind that the wall thickness at the overlap is (gpw - gpg) / 2. This means with a gpw of 2mm and a gpw of 0.4mm the walls at the overlap are (2 - 0.4) / 2 = 0.8mm (twice my nozzle size) which worked perfectly for me.
gpg: gap between top and bottom parts (wiggle space). Tune this to get good fit between top and bottom parts. For me the 0.4 (size of nozzle) worked perfectly.
gpt: depth of the engraved "GoPro Hero3" text on top part. Set to 0 if you don't want any text engraved.

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