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Elementary Coffee Coasters

These novelty coasters were designed for those "in their element" when they have their favourite coffee to hand!!

They were designed as .jpegs that can be imported into Cura for printing. They are great for printing using the ability to change filament part way through the print to a different colour using the "pause at height" function in Cura.

A matching coaster caddy is also here should you want to print out a set of six, and the design of this allows for additional thickness for the coasters if you add a soft material to the underside to protect your table.  

For the coasters load the chosen .jpeg into Cura and in the dialog box that opens use the following "Convert Image" settings :

Height : 2.0mm  Base :  0 mm   Width :  120mm  Darker is Higher, No Smoothing

Use 100% Infill

Choose the "Plug In" tab on the Advanced menu and double click the "Pause At Heght" option and enter 1.0mm in the "Pause Height" box.  You will now be able to switch materials to a contrast colour for the lettering mid way through the print.

Hope you enjoy the coasters and your coffee!!

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