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Web cam adapter for Meade telescope eyepiece

This is a redo of my microscope adapter design (, that allows the web cam to be mounted on a telescope.  It prints in two pieces that you glue together when finished- no support material is needed and it comes out looking very nice.

You have to pull off the rubber eye cup before you mount this on the eyepiece.  Don't worry, the eye cup goes right back on when you're done.

There are no fancy adjustments- just slide the web cam/adapter over the eyepiece and move it up and down to find the focal point.  It friction fits and will stay where you put it.  For extra security, you can use a rubber band to hold the camera firmly in the mount.

I designed this adapter to fit my 32 mm f.l. 4000 series eyepiece which has a 35 mm diameter outer barrel and it could prove a little too long for shorter focal length eyepieces.  Unfortunately, Meade doesn't provide a list of the the outer barrel diameters of their eyepieces so I can't tell you if this adapter will fit others.  

I printed with 0.3 mm layers, and 20% infill, no bed adhesion, no support material.

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